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1st Generation College Students

Cultural competencies for increasing the achievement and graduation rates of first generation college students are essential in the tool-kits of educational leaders. Leaders in higher education are challenged by urgent issues impacting the success of this important growing demographic group. Some of these challenges include:

  • Creating and sustaining a supportive learning environment for first generation college students
  • Securing buy-in from traditional higher educational leaders for implementing effective interventions for non-traditional students
  • Learning how the poor get into and through college
  • Developing skills for counseling and mentoring first time college students
  • Tapping the learning potential of immigrant college students
  • Helping new students with skills for budgeting time and financial resources
  • Learning how to become an outstanding educator of African-American and Latino first time college students
  • Benchmarking initiatives that work in academia for women and returning adults in higher education
  • Recruiting and retention strategies for faculty and staff from underrepresented groups
  • Addressing the unique needs of first generation graduate students

Our diversity consultants and staff development training faculty have the passion, intellectual grounding and experiences to add value to the quest of stakeholders in increasing the achievement and graduation rates of first generation college/university students. We can work with you to:

  • Create and sustain institutional support services that are culturally relevant for the needs of diverse, first time college students;
  • Develop the talents and core competencies of a critical mass of educators within an organization to recruit, guide, grow and graduate first time college students; and,
  • Provide timely orientation, counseling and tutoring services to first time college students based on best practices and interactive outcomes.