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Clients / Who Are You?

The world of work is comprised of critical stakeholders in each client group whose needs must be addressed if an organization-wide diversity strategy is to be successfully implemented. The following are the critical players we have worked with and the service outcomes we have delivered for each of the client groups to whom we have provided training, consultation and facilitation.

Senior Executives, Mid-level Managers, Board Members, Diversity Councils, HR Specialists, Compliance Personnel, Rank and File Employees, Labor Unions, Employee Affinity Groups, Quality of Life and Wellness Advocates
Community-Based Organizations
NGOs, Grassroots Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Associations, Race/Ethnic Groups, Community Interest Groups, Youth Service Organizations, Youth Organizations
Government Officials, City Councils, City/State/Federal Agencies, Project Managers, Department Directors
Law Enforcement
Police, Fire, Emergency and Safety Departments, Command Staff, Rank and File Employees, Police-Community Relations Specialists, Tele-communicators /Dispatchers, Security Officers, Homeland Security Personnel
US Military
Senior Leadership, Personnel Specialists, Active Duty Personnel, Civilian Personnel, Military Education Venues, Recruiting Commands, Chaplaincy, Leadership Development, Senior Level Leadership Course, Joint Operations Training
Hospital Administrators, Hospital Support Staff, Medical Personnel, HR Personnel, Customer Relations Specialists, Chaplains, Patient Care Advocates, Health Care Providers, Social Workers, Psychologists, Public Relations, Professional Health Associations, Community Outreach Groups, Health Care Clinics, Offices of Private Physicians, Insurance Providers and Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Laboratories, Rehabilitation Specialists, Long-term Nursing Facilities
K-12 Education
School Administrators, Superintendents, Board Members, Curriculum Specialists, Teachers, ELL Staff, Safety Personnel, Support Staff, Counselors, Corporate Partners, Parent/Teacher Groups, Community Liaisons, Students, Student Leadership Organizations, Educational Service Centers, Charter Schools
Faith-Based Organizations
Chaplains, Pastoral Associations, Ecumenical Networks, Religious Clergy, Seminaries, Faith-based Community Advocates and Service Providers
College or University
Administrators, Faculty, Students, Student Organizations, Professional Associations, Upward Bound and Multicultural Specialists, TRIO Program Personnel, First Generation College Students, Resident Advisors, Campus Safety Personnel, Special Event Coordinators, Scholarship Foundations
Hospitality Industry
Franchise Owner Groups, Corporate Leadership Teams, Training Center Personnel, Service Personnel, Senior Leaders, Mid-level and Site Managers, Affinity Groups, HR Groups, International Professional Networks, Supplier Diversity Coordinators, EO Officers, Diversity Councils