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Leadership Development

Souder, Betances & Associates, Inc. has been providing critical elements of leadership development training to our clients for the past 15 years. We have been extremely successful in guiding leaders to leverage critical thinking and diversity strategies to meet and exceed their mission and bottom-line goals. Our training institutes, seminar presentations and workshops are customized to address the client's organizational needs, structural and cultural requirements, core values and vision of the future. The full spectrum of our leadership development curriculum is embedded in our Seven Point Leadership Development Plan as follows:

  1. Leading Change
    • Preparing for and Coping with Change
    • Cultural Shifts that Necessitate a Different Way of Conducting Business
    • Management and Leadership
    • Critical Thinking as an Essential Ingredient of Successful Leadership
    • Becoming a Change Agent
    • Understanding and Leveraging Diversity as a Leadership Strategy
    • Change Management Techniques
    • Developing a High Performance Organization
    • Creating a Safe, Secure, Fear-free Workplace
    • Nurturing a Learning Environment
  2. Developing People
    • Developing Self
    • Developing Others
    • Recruitment
    • High Visibility Assignments
    • Succession Planning
    • Mentoring
    • Performance Coaching
    • Creating Personal Development Plans
    • Rewards and Recognition
  3. Achieving Results
    • Ethics
    • Core Values
    • Accountability: Compliance, Standards and Mandates
    • Employee Performance
    • Dealing with Problematic Employees
  4. Attaining Effective Business Outcomes
    • Management Tools
    • Measuring Return on Investment
    • Time Management Skills
    • Budget Development/Analysis
    • Grant Management
  5. Mastering Communications and Building Coalitions
    • Creating an Interpersonal and Organizational Transparent Communication Process
    • The Fundamentals of Team Work
    • Fostering and Supporting Inclusive, Diverse Work Teams
    • Overcoming Comfort-Zone Barriers
    • Establishing Partnerships
    • Global Networking
    • Identifying and Removing Communication Barriers
    • Reducing Defensive Communication Patterns
  6. Acquiring Leadership Cultural Competencies
    • Adapting to Different Organizational Cultures
    • Identifying and Utilizing the Strengths of Your People
    • Targeting and Removing Formal and Informal Barriers to Mission Success (i.e., micromanagement, pre-selection, favoritism, nepotism, cronyism, elitism, rankism, etc.)
    • Creating, Fostering and Strengthening Diverse, Inclusive High Performance Teams
    • Anticipating and Proactively Dealing with Potential Trouble Spots and Effectively Addressing Existing Challenges
    • Building a Transparent Organizational Culture
    • Diffusing Conflict
    • Managing Stress in the Workplace
    • Dealing with Resistance and Fears
  7. Transitioning Between Private and Public Sectors
    • Moving from Private to Public Organizations
    • Shifting from Public Service to the Private Sector
    • Bridging the Retirement Gap