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Ensuring the Success of All Students

Educators have to excel with students who come to school learning ready at the middle-class level and with those who are not. Learning to increase the achievement and graduation rates of students from poverty has become a critical challenge for schools across the country. The agenda of educational practitioners is filled with such urgent issues as:

  • Closing the achievement gap
  • Building the middle-class learning framework in students from poverty
  • Unleashing the potential of learners with untapped potential
  • Ensuring the academic success of English Language Learners
  • Reducing summer learning loss through reading programs
  • Leveraging diversity of thought
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Different ways of learning for improving test scores
  • Adjusting the tripod project paradigm of content, pedagogy and relationships for high achievement
  • Ethnic/Racial disparities in education

Educational leaders and administrators are also faced with unique issues which require cultural competencies. Agenda goals include:

  • Building principal's skills for leading achievement driven schools
  • Strengthening school-home-business partnerships
  • Creating safe learning/teaching environments
  • Developing and sustaining diverse, inclusive, high performance administration/board teams
  • Recruiting, growing and retaining underrepresented talent in the profession
  • Promoting fair, equitable and healthy labor/management relationships

Our diversity consultants and staff development faculty at ExcelAll are strategically positioned and qualified to conduct culturally relevant training to address these and related topics/themes. We strive to meet and exceed the hopes and mission of the educational stakeholders in your teaching/learning communities and institutions.

We can assist you to:

  • Understand and explain to significant educational stakeholders that new strategies and cultural competencies are needed in order to ensure the success of students from poverty in middle-class schools;
  • Develop and strengthen the school-home-business-community partnerships for increasing the achievement and graduation rates of learners with untapped potential; and,
  • Identify and target the ineffective study habits of students and those of educators that frustrate the quest of growing and graduating students from poverty in our schools.