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We have worked with corporate clients to:

  • Secure buy in from senior stakeholders
  • Strengthen and enhance the capability of diversity councils
  • Collaborate with internal trainers to develop and deliver diversity curriculum
  • Make a powerful, business-driven case for how diversity can be leveraged to increase the bottom-line
  • Deliver customized diversity curriculum
  • Increase the cultural competencies of managers and leaders
  • Create and sustain inclusive and diverse work teams
  • Coach executive leaders in the development of a diversity plan of action
  • Facilitate a process for discovering the best strategies for making the pipeline of talent development inclusive, mentoring across group lines and managing a diverse workforce
  • Enhance the core competencies of mid-level managers to respond to changing demographics
  • Assist companies in identifying their organization-specific diversity challenges
  • Strengthen affinity group agendas to reinforce the core values, mission and bottom-line quest of the organizations in which they operate
  • Facilitate the development of diversity measurements and metrics