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U.S. Military

We have worked with military clients to:

  • Secure senior leadership buy-in for a mission-driven diversity process
  • Guide the development of diversity curriculum which is mission-connected and relevant to current and future challenges
  • Collaborate with Professional Military Education (PME) curriculum writers to leverage diversity as an integral component of mission effectiveness and accomplishment
  • Work with service-specific Leadership Development Programs for General Officers, Flag Officers and Senior Executives to make the mission case for diversity, secure buy-in and commitment for leveraging diversity as a leadership strategy in the all volunteer military
  • Coach senior leaders in the development of personal executive diversity plans of action
  • Create Total Force awareness about how diversity competencies are critical to mission accomplishment
  • Enhance the cultural competencies of military leaders in deployed settings
  • Introduce mission-driven mentoring and other diversity strategies for recruiting, selecting, growing, promoting and retaining diverse talent at all levels of the organization
  • Identify and target formal and informal barriers which frustrate joint operations across rank, generations, service branches, civilian, active duty, Guard and Reserve personnel
  • Work with military design teams to create web-based, multimedia, print, and distance learning training products
  • Deliver keynote addresses and presentations in military forums by which to reinforce the core values enhanced by a diversity vision
  • Strengthen the MEO/EO -Diversity alliance to reduce complaints and increase productivity through inclusive, diverse, high performance teams
  • Coach diversity officers, councils and program teams in developing and sustaining a diversity initiative
  • Facilitate the development of diversity measurements and metrics