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Law Enforcement

We have worked with Law Enforcement to:

  • Introduce mission-driven mentoring and other diversity strategies for recruiting, selecting, growing, promoting and retaining diverse talent at all levels of the organization
  • Identify and target formal and informal barriers which frustrate effective operations across rank, generations, departments, civilians, uniformed personnel, and service branches
  • Create Total Force awareness about how diversity competencies are critical to mission accomplishment
  • Increase the cultural competencies of law enforcement personnel for dealing with an ever changing internal and community demographic landscape and often profound cultural differences when serving and protecting communities
  • Enhance police safety through culturally sensitive interventions when serving and protecting immigrants, non-English speakers, racially and ethnically different emerging communities, and other newcomers
  • Provide training to reduce racial and sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Collaborate with police academies and other law enforcement training venues in creating diversity and cultural competency curriculum for new recruits, Command staff, and mid-level supervisors
  • Guide departments and agencies in identifying, targeting and preventing illegal profiling