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We have worked with Government clients to:

  • Provide strategies for enhancing public service to new demographic groups
  • Secure the buy-in of senior executives for a diversity process
  • Strengthen cultural competencies for leading change in an increasingly diverse society
  • Assist elected officials in their quest to create culturally sensitive policies and programs to help solve urgent problems
  • Introduce best practices that help to reduce tension and promote team collaboration to achieve mission
  • Promote strategies for recruiting, growing, and retaining multicultural talent
  • Assist in creating and sustaining platforms and venues for formal and informal leaders of urban communities to establish common ground when addressing challenges
  • Coach government officials and elected representatives on how best to leverage diversity as a leadership strategy
  • Work with internal staff development teams to create diversity training products
  • Enhance communication strategies among disparate interest groups in communities to work toward common goals across linguistic, social, religious and other interest group lines