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Community - Based Organization Feedback

"Dr. Betances was dynamic, funny, enthusiastic, made good points and kept the audience entranced. He worked our theme into his remarks seamlessly. He was exactly what we needed to close our conference! All reviews were very positive."

Mike Streeter, Vice Chair
Greater Rochester Diversity Council

"Dr. Betances accomplished the goals we had set in a way that was positive, energetic and humorous. Many of our employees commented that the presentation clarified what diversity is really about. The message of inclusivity was exactly what our organization wanted to reinforce as we introduce our diversity initiative."

The City of Reno, NV

"Your participation as a Keynote Speaker was outstanding and pertinent to the discussion of this topic in the City of Tallahassee. You used a humorous technique in explaining the importance of having other people in our lives. The presentation was interesting, informative and it displayed exceptional knowledge regarding diversity. The workshop sessions provided a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with leaders and role models from around the country, enabling all of us to enhance our leadership skills."

The City of Tallahassee