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Healthcare Client Feedback

"Excellent presentation. This will help me in managing and working with staff. I got a lot more from this presentation than I expected. This was absolutely the best training program. Wonderful presentation! Very dynamic!... A lot of excellent, thought-provoking ideas & discussions. Very inspiring, very educational."

Participant comments - Leadership Development Conference
Lakeland Regional Health System

"On behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics, thank you for your inspiring presentation on diversity issues. With your help we were able to introduce this topic to our employees in a positive environment. Audience reaction and subsequent feedback was very positive. Thank you again for meeting with our employees and creating greater awareness and understanding about diversity in all its' forms."

Lisa Welch, Employment and Training Development Manager
American Academy of Pediatrics

"His wealth of knowledge and humor made this topic interesting and fun; I learned more than I ever expected. Very dynamic, respectful, compelling!... It gives me a new way of looking at diversity and how we need to implement changes. Excellent-great information for life. Down-to-earth, thought-provoking and insightful. Addresses issues transcending ethnic, cultural diversity."

Participant comments - Quality Leadership Conference
Fairview Health Services

"I was moved by your presentation for many reasons - your uncompromising integrity, your deliberate honesty, and your precision as a social scientist. You are so dynamic I am convinced there is not a group you would not be able to reach."

American Social Health Association

"Thanks again for the tremendous diversity seminar you provided for the Adventist Health System! I appreciated your thoughtful, yet very passionate presentations which were appropriately sprinkled with much appreciated humor."

Adventist Health System