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K-12 Education Client Feedback

"I wanted to thank you for your inspiring presentation to the Principals and Headmasters of the Boston Public Schools. Your remarks reminded us of the importance of our daily work, and of the challenges ahead. In the newsletter that goes to all Boston Public Schools employees, I quoted one of your most powerful statements: 'There are no students at risk - only learners with untapped potential.' This message should remain the cornerstone of what we do."

Thomas W. Payzant, Superintendent
Boston Public Schools

"Your program was enthusiastically received by our educators who attended your outstanding and informative sessions. ...You stimulated and motivated teachers to do their best and to make a difference in the lives of young people with whom they work."

Roycealle J. Wood, Regional Superintendent of Schools
Lake County Regional Office of Education, Lake County, IL

"The presentations were excellent. Dr. Betances delivered an effective, "holistic" presentation that first emotionally engaged the audience and then provided practical information to support administrators, teachers and support staff in "scaffolding" those students and families caught in the middle of the achievement gap."

Linda Simmons Perry, Director of Instruction
Edenton-Chowan Schools, Edenton, NC

"Dr. Betances touched the hearts and minds of our employees. Personally, I learned more about cultural issues than ever before."

Peggy H. Yates, Director of Curriculum & Instruction PreK-8
Edenton-Chowan Schools, Edenton, NC

"When you spoke I felt as if we were together as a community; laughing, honest, cocky and humble, you grabbed us all and we laughed together and I would guess most of us had tears in our eyes or hearts at times. I can't think of a more healing thing. My guess is that you could easily provide a safe place for people to start to look at and talk about stereotypes and biases they carry without even realizing they have them."

"Never in my 10 years of teaching has anyone inspired, motivated and enlightened me as much as you did today. Your words were thought provoking and real. You lifted the spirits of a room full of educators who have been verbally abused and battered for so long I thought we would never recover. But, you and your glorious words did that for us today. I thank you, again, for coming and hope you will return someday to share your spectacular life story with the children of our community so that they too may be reenergized, refocused and rejuvenated as we were today."

Providence, RI Schools

"What a remarkable presentation. You certainly touched our staff and established exactly the right tone for our coming school year. If I had scripted what I would have wanted you to say to our administrators, I would have wanted everything you gave. The feedback we have received has been enormously positive. Thanks so much for your commitment to improving the quality of life for boys and girls across our nation."

Dallas Independent School District

"Your reputation as a powerful speaker preceded you! After hearing you we can certainly resonate with others who have been inspired by your dynamic delivery. The conference evaluation survey reflected that 100% of attendees felt that your presentation exceeded their expectations."

African-American Academy for Accelerated Learning

"I just wanted to let you know that what you had to say touched me and many of my partners...we talk about you all the time. You really made a difference for many kids that I empower here and your message of encouragement has gone to them from you through my actions. I hope some day that enough of them will go forth and make this world a better place just like you and maybe I have and we will someday see a better world to live in."

Creighton Elementary School District #14, Phoenix, AZ

"Dr. Samuel Betances was our keynote speaker on August 21, 2000. Dr. Betances gave a tremendous presentation that appealed to our entire staff: from administrators and teachers to custodians, bus drivers, clerical people, and food service workers. He was dynamic, powerful, and at times, hilarious. We particularly enjoyed, 'The Ten Habits of Highly Ineffective Teachers!' Dr. Betances is extremely entertaining, but he delivers an important message that all educators need to hear. One of the most important things he said, was this: 'As we work with more diverse students, let us not forget that the greatest gift we can give our economically disadvantaged students is to teach them how to read, write, and do math.' Our challenge is to find the most effective ways to make that happen."

Jane Evans, Director of Educational Services
Muscatine Community School District, Muscatine, IA

"Dr. Samuel Betances' message and his wonderfully effective way of presenting ideas, sharing experiences and eliciting 'buy-in' from his audience provide an incredible experience for participants."

Jane Qualls, Ed. D., Director of Schools
Alcoa City Schools, Alcoa, TN

"Dr. Betances motivated our staff like no other speaker had done before. He addressed our professional staff and all our support staff (bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc.) at our first day general session. Needless to say, we started the year with a bang! People spoke about him for weeks. His messages were powerful, motivating and inspiring; someone we would not hesitate in bringing back."

Alda Benavides
Executive Assistant for Curriculum & Instruction
La Joya ISD, La Joya, Texas

"Dr. Betances related perfectly to our participants at the 2000 Parent Learning Network Texas Conference. He spoke with great passion to the roles of mothers and fathers in their children's lives. He pushed all the right buttons of emotion... laughter, sadness, gratitude, forgiveness, thoughtfulness, and love. Thank you Dr. Betances for relating to our participants, it was as if you knew them all."

Debora Tinnin
Parent Learning Network