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Corporate Client Feedback

"We could not be more pleased with the diversity message that you so eloquently conveyed. The feedback of those that had the privilege of experiencing your viewpoint has been overwhelmingly positive; folks haven't stopped talking about you yet!"

UAW / Ford Motor Company

"To date I have received well over 100 calls and e-mails regarding your very passionate, energized and powerful message you shared with us. You definitely met our expectations and surpassed our requirements regarding your presentation."

Verizon Communications

"Your talents to motivate and inspire are tremendous and made a lasting impression on me. I have shared your points with my children, friends and associates. I applaud you and consider it a privilege to have heard you speak."

XEROX Corporation

"I have personally been involved in numerous learning opportunities at Meijer Inc. over the years. By far, Dr. Samuel Betances has been the most significant person we have had work with us. His presentations and mere presence has changed lives!"

Van McMullan
Director of Learning Services
Meijer, Inc.

"We were delighted with your presentation last Tuesday morning at the Time Warner Human Resources Conference. Your energy, passion and humor represented a great beginning for our conference."

AOL / Time Warner

"Thank you for the motivating, thought provoking and inspirational diversity training sessions you presented to the Network Wireless Systems Business Unit of AT&T. We appreciated the extra time you spent with us exploring the need for setting standards of excellence in Diversity Initiatives."


"Your speech on diversity was very dynamic and well received. We may set aside one week during the year to celebrate diversity, but we must practice diversity every day as a way of life."

The Walt Disney Company

"We're always excited to include articles about diversity from Dr. Betances. His language and clear thinking coupled with practical insights for developing workforce inclusion, add a uniqueness and vitality to the publication. Dr. Betances is always ready and willing to share his experience and wisdom to facilitate the growth and development of diversity practice at other organizations. We are proud to have Dr. Betances as a regular contributor to the Journal."

James R. Rector
Publisher/Managing Editor
Profiles in Diversity Journal