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Military Client Feedback

"The training curriculum and initiatives implemented by your organization in support of National Guard diversity programs, both Air and Army, have been the critical instrument necessary to provide emphasis and understanding for our commanders, soldiers, airmen and full time personnel. As our National Guard focus and responsibilities increase due to current world missions, our forces will be better prepared for diverse and complex issues because of your dedication and involvement. Thank you for your message!"
Colonel Jimmy L. Davis, Jr.
Director of Human Resources
Georgia Air National Guard

"Exceeded my best expectations. Very moving, thought-provoking, emotional experience. Provided 'missing link' between need for diversity and the impact on organizations and the workforce. Best Diversity training to date! Should be mandatory for all top-level managers, middle management and front-line supervisors."

"Dr. Betances opens your eyes to diversity in a unique approach that doesn't point fingers - but makes you look at yourself."

"Dr. Betances' presentation went far beyond my expectations. I expected a speech and received enlightenment - a new way of looking at things. I was genuinely moved to make a change to my organization, myself, my way of thinking. I must!"

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

"Dr. Betances' presentation was extremely motivational! Comments received from conferees included: motivational; he crossed lines that most people avoid; Dr. Betances' presentation is the best I've ever heard; and the first speech on diversity that actually united people."

Colonel Wilma F. Slade
Chief, Resources and Analysis
U.S. Air Force

"All expectations were surpassed. Dr. Betances did an incredible job with all the diverse groups in the workshop."

Willie Braggs III, LTC
Chief of Staff, 138th Fighter Wing
Oklahoma Air National Guard

"Your insights on dealing with diversity in the military were an inspiration to the Chiefs and provided sound guidance as we lead our Air Force enlisted through the 21st century. It makes me very proud to have civilian professionals such as yourself supporting our military."

Ronald G. Kriete, CMSgt.
United States Air Force

"I want to thank you for your inspirational training session on diversity for my senior enlisted leaders. Your message was well-received and made a positive impression."

Commander, Navy Recruiting Command