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Government Client Feedback

"The Department of Justice has utilized the services of Dr. Betances on two separate occasions to train senior managers on the topic of diversity in the workplace. The feedback that we received from the participants has been consistently positive and enthusiastic. Dr. Betances is a gifted speaker and teacher who presents this sensitive topic in an informative and entertaining manner. We would certainly consider bringing him back for future training sessions".

Ted McBurrows
Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Staff
U.S. Department of Justice

"Wow!!! I don't know what to say! I have never been as impressed with a speaker as I was with you. Your love of the topic, your total belief in and commitment to diversity, your enthusiasm and animation and your ability to captivate is incredible! You will long be revered in our organization as the 'Diversity Man!' You were able to take the information we provided to you on what was going on in our organization, incorporate it into your presentation outline and deliver it back to us in a non-threatening way. You were able to commit the audience to hear your message and challenge them to make changes based on what they learned. You were able to laugh at yourself and had us laughing with you. Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly and unanimously positive."

Internal Revenue Service
U.S. Department of the Treasury

"The diversity training was inspiring, refreshing and timely. Your eloquent and passionate style, framed with uplifting humor, flawless stage presence and affirming spirit, made the training very inclusive and powerful. Further, your own story "From Harlem to Harvard" is inspirational. You are a role model for our youth. You remind us that if one can conceive a dream, once can achieve the dream. Thank you. Please continue to tell the story."

The State Government of Washington

"Your dynamic presentations were inspiring and provided our employees with invaluable information on recognizing and respecting cultural differences. Your fascinating stories and feedback on diversity issues provided program participants with a greater awareness and appreciation for workplace diversity. We continue to receive high praise from our employees about your presentations. Please accept our thanks and gratitude for sharing your expertise and providing us with an incredible learning experience."

Delia L. Johnson
Director, Office of Civil Rights
International Broadcasting Bureau

"Dr. Betances' presentation exceeded our best expectations. He is definitely a speaker 'not to be reckoned with.'"

Candace SP Williams
Black Affairs Program Manager
U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration

"I am truly impressed by the amount of information you imparted to us in one day. You energized us with excellent ideas about the tools and processes we can use to work toward our program goals. Thank you for showing us how we can begin this important journey."

United States Department of The Interior

"I just saw your presentation on The Benefits and Values of Eliminating Sexual Harassment In the Workplace, that you did for Social Security. I was very impressed. I have never seen anyone so excited about their work. I was tired today, but had no trouble staying awake. I love the way you gave your personal experiences. "

Alice Morrissey
Chicago DQB, Social Security Administration

"Thank you for your inspiring speech to CDC - you got rave reviews!  We appreciate your message and your vision."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services

"Our goal was to enhance the workforce's awareness and understanding of the values of respect and diversity; your presentation and workshop made that goal a reality. Your presentations were both educational and inspirational. Attendees enjoyed the blend of candor and humor used to share your knowledge as well as your personal life experiences."

Annette D. Wyeth, Acting Director
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
National Reconnaissance Office