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ExcelAll is dedicated to strengthening the mission of Kindergarten through College/University (K-16) educational stakeholders in ensuring the academic success of all students. Our diversity consultants, trainers, and staff developers will work with you -- board members, administrators, project managers, teachers, counselors, principals, law enforcement personnel, professional associations, foundations and government funding agencies, community, labor, and business leaders, youth workers, media specialists, college/university educators and staff change agents, parents, and student groups -- in developing organization-specific strategies for closing the achievement gap.

The expected performance outcomes from engaging ExcelAll are:

  • Acquiring leadership skills for creating, developing, and sustaining diverse, inclusive, high performance educational work teams to achieve mission excellence relative to increasing achievement and graduation rates
  • Improving cultural competencies for implementing diversity strategies that promote literacy, comprehension, and vocabulary development in learners with untapped potential
  • Identifying best practices for enhancing the climate of teaching/learning organizations to become affirming to all stakeholders, where diversity of thought is valued and multicultural skills foster respect, safe educational settings, and relationships that promote academic excellence
  • Learning in a rich, respectful, and rewarding environment with a training faculty that brings passion, mastery of content, outstanding facilitation skills and challenges willing learners to identify and target barriers that frustrate the quest of closing the achievement gap of students from kindergarten to college.

ExcelAll has a proven track record for delivering the highest quality staff development training on a wide range of topics to stakeholders in educational venues all over the USA and territories, private and public schools, charter schools, community colleges, four year state institutions, and flagship universities. Topics of training include:

  1. Cultural Competencies for Engaging Parents as Full Partners in the Quest to Close the Achievement Gap
  2. Strategies for Responding to the Needs of English Language Learners through Programs of Understandable Instruction
  3. Identifying and Targeting Barriers that Frustrate Middle-Class Educators from Effectively Guiding and Growing Students from Poverty to Achieve Academic Excellence
  4. Ten Steps to the Head of the Class: A Challenge to Students
  5. Ten Steps to the Head of the Profession: A Challenge to Educators
  6. Strengthening the Role of Principals for Leading Change in Multicultural Learning Environments
  7. Paving the Way for the Academic Success of First Generation College Students
  8. Reading Strategies for Reducing Summer Learning Loss
  9. From Harlem to Harvard: Lessons from the Journey
  10. Making Sense of the "Dropout rate" and the "Dropout Problem" which Inform Strategies for Closing the Achievement Gap