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ExcelForce is dedicated to "Strengthening Mission Driven Strategies for Law Enforcement Professionals." Our consultants and trainers work with executive-level management teams, rank and file members and with special operation units such as SWAT teams. The expected outcomes from engaging ExcelForce are:

  • The development of cultural competencies to assist both with internal agency strategies for recruitment, development and retention, and with external agency programs for serving and protecting today's multicultural societies
  • The enhancement of technical and operational skills
  • The reduction of internal and external complaints and lawsuits

ExcelForce supports the delivery of the highest level of law enforcement and policing services to communities across America and is a full-service training and consulting organization that meets a wide variety of public safety training needs. ExcelForce has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality training in a wide range of topics. ExcelForce offers ten (10) categories of training:

  1. Diversity - Sexual Harassment - Racial Profiling
  2. Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  3. College And University Campus Law Enforcement And Public Safety
  4. School Safety and Anti-Bullying Programs (Verbal De-escalation and Hands-on Disengagement Strategies)
  5. Leadership And Organizational Development
  6. Use Of Force - Law Enforcement Firearms
  7. Use Of Force - Defensive Tactics And Subject Control
  8. Tactical Team And Special Unit Skills Development
  9. Police Patrol And Investigations Operations
  10. Homeland Security And Aviation/Airport Security