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Our ExcelinHealthcare consultants and training faculty are dedicated to strengthening the mission of healthcare providers with strategies and cultural competencies for identifying and eliminating barriers that frustrate the creation of inclusive, diverse, high performance work teams. We will also work with your teams to effectively address ethnic and racial disparities in health care.

Every day practitioners encounter patients and families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds with very different beliefs and perceptions about illness, death, healing practices and expectations of health care professionals and institutions. Given these influential factors and related demographic shifts, the healing services and allied organizations must implement diversity strategies for creating, sustaining, and strengthening the cultural competencies of work teams to get the job done.

It is urgent and cost effective for health systems to have service providers that will honor the beliefs, particular needs, religious customs, dietary requirements, and cultural practices of their clients. When patients realize their cultural needs are being respected and met, they are less fearful and have more trust in their care and caregivers. We exist to help you achieve this urgent goal.

The expected performance outcomes from engaging ExcelinHealthcare are:

  • Cultural competencies for leveraging diverse perspectives in the workplace, and allied services networks, for addressing ethnic and racial disparities in health
  • Recruiting and retention strategies for increasing the talent pool of underrepresented minorities in healthcare professions
  • Improved practices that promote culturally and linguistically appropriate care.
  • Leadership skills for creating and sustaining a climate in healthcare organizations that exude respect and culturally relevant services which resonate with patients and care professionals.
  • Best action steps to comply with and/or exceed the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO) guidelines for culturally competent care.

Topics for training include:

  1. Making the Business Case for Integrating Cultural Competence at All Levels of the Healthcare Organization
  2. Skills for Care Givers to More Effectively Work with Different Beliefs and Perspectives on Illness, Death, Alcohol Abuse, and Healing Practices
  3. Competencies for Responding to the Nation's Healthy People Initiative by Increasing Outcomes and Access in Six Areas: Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Immunizations, and Infant Mortality
  4. Conflict Resolution Strategies for Reducing Perceptions and Cases of Prejudice and Discrimination in Healthcare Organizations
  5. How to Mentor People across Comfort Zones and Interest Group Lines to Make the Pipeline of Talent Inclusive
  6. Strategies for Effectively Supervising Direct Reports from Different Cultures
  7. Seven Essential Cultural Competencies for Improving the Health Outcomes of All Americans